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In order to meet the needs of people suffering from cystic fibrosis we created a website which allows to raise funds for treating those in need. 

We realize that the treatment is very expensive. Medicine, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, specialistic support as well as frequent visit in clinics. All of these can be a huge financial burden for the sick.

That is why we believe that raising the money allows to cover the costs, ensure safety and stability. They give hope for a bright and peaceful future.


How to register a fund-raiser:

Step 1.
Fill in the from below

Step 2.
We will contact you.

Step 3.
Describe your story and the situation you found yourself in. Write what is the goal of your fund raiser and why you ask for support. Think about the expenses which you would have to cover e.g. yearly treatment, buying particular equipment or paying for a procedure. If you find it hard to write the text yourself, contact us. We will ask you a few questions and together we will write the text, which we will give you for acceptance. Important! We will need a few of your pictures.

Step 4.
After sending the text and accepting all the information in it we will publish your fundraiser on the website

Step 5.
Collected money will be deposited in your subaccount created by PTWM o/Gdańsk.



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