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Julia Szynkowska

Pomóżmy Julce oddychać!

Purpose of the collection: Na leczenie i rehabilitację
Julka od urodzenia choruje na nieuleczalną mukowiscydozę oraz niedomykalność zastawki serca. W swoim krótkim życiu Julka przeszła już 2 operacje wstawiania zastawki i niestety czeka ją jeszcze jedna.

Money raised: 432 zł / 4500.00 zł

2021-09-22 → 2022-12-06

Collection completed

About the website

In order to meet the needs of people suffering from cystic fibrosis we created a website which allows to raise funds for treating those in need.

We realize that the treatment is very expensive. Medicine, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, specialistic support as well as frequent visit in clinics. All of these can be a huge financial burden for the sick.

That is why we believe that raising the money allows to cover the costs, ensure safety and stability. They give hope for a bright and peaceful future.



The founder of the website is Polskie Towarzystwo Walki z Mukowiscydozą Oddział w Gdańsku (the Polish society of battling cystic fibrosis in Gdańsk)

The society has been taking care of people with cystic fibrosis for 25 years. We create and implement projects that help resolve problems accompanying the treatment and rehabilitation of people with cystic fibrosis. It also serves as a form of social education, legal and psychological support. We help our charges with their current problems and actions. We supervise managing their subaccount and enable collecting money which then finance the treatments, rehabilitation and in the most dire situations – lung transplant.

We seek those most in need.

We hand over collected money and supervise its expenditure.

Out on-going fund raiser

We managed to help 180 children from all over the Poland!

Together we have collected over 560 000,00 zł for our charges!

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Find out more about cystic fibrosis…

Cystic fibrosis is a critical, incurable illness of genetic background. It is caused by the defect of the CFTR protein and it present in about 25% of population. Organism with this defect produces excessive amount of sticky mucus, which has to be mechanically removed. Cystic fibrosis is a multiple organ disease and invades lungs, pancreas and liver, leading to their complete destruction. It is accompanied by many other diseases such as diabetes or cardiac diseases. Read more...
There are many symptoms of cystic fibrosis, which allow for its diagnosis. The most common one is reoccurring infections of the respiratory tract e.g. pneumonia, persistent coughing and dyspnea. Other possible symptoms include: wheezing breath, extremely salty sweat, chronic sinusitis, light weight, short stature and frequent, misshapen stool. In order to diagnose cystic fibrosis with absolute certainty, the amount of chlorides in sweat has to be defined or discovered through screening of young children. Read more...
The course of disease differs between patients and so treatment of each person differs. There are however three basic elements present in almost each treatment plan. First of them is respiratory physiotherapy. It entails a series of different rehabilitation and respiratory procedures that are time- consuming and tiring, especially for those struggling with advanced stages of CF. Another element is antibiotic therapy. Most patients permanently takes oral or inhaled antibiotics. Moreover, every once in a while every patient has to come into the hospital for at least two weeks and has the antibiotics given intravenously. The last element of the treatment is supplying digestive enzymes. Not every patient has to take them. However, when it is needed the enzymes have to be provided regularly and with each meal. Otherwise sharp abdominal pains may occur and rapid weight loss can be observed Read more...